The PANORAMIC court is characterized by its harmonious design, where the robustness of its structure and the aesthetics of its panoramic glass merge to offer a fabulous experience for both the player and the spectator. Like all our courts, it complies with the specifications of both the Spanish Padel Federation and the International Padel Federation.

estructura panoramic


The court has dimensions of 20×10 meters and a galvanized steel structure, painted with epoxy-polyester resin in an oven, strictly following the technical specifications. The welded mesh is 50x50x4mm and does not have any internal protrusions to ensure the safety of the players. The joints are reinforced with threaded rods, round stainless-steel blind nuts, and specific nuts to ensure greater strength and durability. Finally, the court has a double-hollow entrance door for convenient access.

The court’s posts and mesh meet the technical standards established by the International Padel Federation (FIP).

The mesh modules are 2 meters wide by 3 meters high, with a 30x30x2 profile and a 50x50x4mm electro-welded mesh.

They are fixed on 100x60x2mm pillars with 250x150x10mm anchor plates.

It has the option of adding a corner finish, with galvanized structural tube beams of 100x60x2mm, M16 or higher screws and metal plugs of 120mm minimum length.

The ground fastening is carried out by means of type anchors to ensure a solid and durable installation. It also has horizontal crosspieces at 1m and 2m of 30x30x2mm for anti-panels and the pillars are sealed at the top with PVC plugs.

With all these elements, the court offers a resistant and safe structure that fully complies with the quality standards of the FIP.


On the back and sides of the court we use tempered glass with a thickness of 12mm. All glass is 2 meters wide and 3 meters high. To guarantee their durability and resistance, they are installed on a 5mm neoprene layer that reduces vibrations and minimizes the risk of breakage.

The manufacturing process of our tempered glass rigorously complies with the UNE EN 12150-1 standard, thus ensuring maximum quality and safety. With these certified quality glasses, maximum performance is guaranteed, offering a safe playing experience.

Advantages of tempered glass

Advantages of tempered glass

  1. Strength: tempered glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass, making it a highly resistant material to impacts of all kinds.
  2. Safety: in case of breakage, it disintegrates into non-sharp fragments, minimizing the risk of injury.
  3. It offers perfect visibility.
  4. Durability: it is durable and resistant to outdoor use in all weather conditions.
  5. Aesthetics: it offers a modern and stylish look; its finishes are perfect.
  6. It is easy to clean and maintain.
  7. The certified tempered glass complies with all safety standards.
cristal panoramic


  1. Highest quality turf: we work with the best manufacturers in the market such as Mondo, Juta and Real Turf.
  2. Variety of colors: we offer 10 mm texturized monofilament turf in 6 different colors: blue, orange, red, green, black, and pink.
  3. Maximum performance and safety: we use a range recommended by the professional paddle players association and the FIP, with optimum performance and safety.
  4. Durability: our grass is the most durable on the market.

Quality in product and service

Hacemos uso de materiales de la más alta calidad y cuidamos cada detalle al máximo. Nuestro equipo especializado estará a tu disposición para dar respuesta a todas tus necesidades.

More than 20 years of experience

We have more than two decades of experience in every part of the manufacturing and installation process.

Punctuality and commitment

We have a highly experienced team and a highly automated manufacturing process. Additionally, we are experts in logistics, so total punctuality is guaranteed.

Custom-made projects

No solo contamos con tres modelos distintos, sino que podemos adaptar los detalles de cada uno de ellos a las particularidades de tu proyecto. El grado de personalización es máximo.



Padel Alba offers in all its models the best LED padel lighting in the market, thanks to our partner, Led Projects, Spanish manufacturer and official supplier of the World Padel Tour circuit since 2015.

Our paddle tennis court lighting meets the highest quality standards both in terms of lux quantity and uniformity in all playing areas (net, accesses, backdrops, sides). In addition, the floodlights are designed to illuminate high enough to allow players to see the ball after a balloon, avoiding glare and shadows. Another advantage is that they allow 4K/8K slow motion recording without flicker effect.

Depending on the use of the padel courts, our ranges of luminaires cover all the types of courts indicated in the European standard for sports lighting, UNE-EN-12193:2020, from court lighting for amateur use (class III), to lighting for international competitions or television broadcasts (class I).


The metal structure is coated with electrostatic powder paint. It is applied on the surface of the material and then undergoes a polymerization process in an oven at high temperatures (between 180ºC and 200ºC).

This painting process provides high protection against corrosion and UV rays, as well as against mechanical impact.

Additional protection in coastal/maritime areas. In places with high exposure to salt spray, we apply additional corrosion protection measures.

Color customization: the structure can be painted in a RAL of the customer’s choice, and the rail can even be painted in two tones for further customization.

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