Is Padel growing in the United Kingdom?

Padel is spearheading a sporting revolution, particularly in the United Kingdom, where the number of fans has expanded significantly and court development has exploded across the country.

Although the UK was a bit late joining the party, it is currently experiencing a boom of interest in padel. Recognised as a form of tennis, courts are being established from Lancashire, Essex, the West Midlands to Birmingham.

In this post, we will walk you through the causes of this phenomenon, its current remarkable situation, and the investments behind its rapid expansion.

Why is Padel becoming so popular?

The world emerged from the solitary confinement imposed by COVID-19 with a fresh yearning for physical activity and social interaction in the outdoors. Padel, a dynamic fusion of tennis and squash, has risen as a flourishing sport within the British sports scene in this renewed landscape.

Since the inception of the Chelsea Harbour Club in London in 1996, we witnessed the birth of 16 new centres and 32 courts in less than 10 years, with plans to double that number in the coming years.

London serves as the core hub for Padel, containing seven prominent clubs, while the International Padel Federation boasts an impressive global following of over 25 million fans across 90 countries. Within the United Kingdom, the sport has already captured the hearts of 89,000 avid players.


Why do British people love Padel?

Padel has grown in popularity in the UK due to its accessibility, court dimensions, and sociable atmosphere. It’s a sport that can be embraced by individuals of all ages and skill levels, and its layout fosters teamwork and player connection.

Additionally, we have the ‘British Padel Tour,’ which was officially established as a professional circuit in 2013. Comprising 12 events spanning the United Kingdom, including Scotland and Northern Ireland, this tour has witnessed an impressive 76% surge in participation, boasting a roster of more than 400 active players.

Undoubtedly, these combined elements explain the deep-rooted affection that the British hold for the sport of padel.

Padel clubs and courts in the UK

According to the Lawn Tennis Association, the UK currently has over 250 padel courts in more than 50 clubs, which host major events such as the British Open Padel Championship. Compared to the 150 courts in 66 British facilities at the end of 2022, the numbers haven’t stopped growing. 

London alone has nine clubs, with Briston leading the way with 22 indoor courts. 

Some highlights for padel enthusiasts include:

  • Stratford Padel Club: Next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the largest in the country containing five courts.
  • Rocks Lane Padel Chiswick: Six outdoor courts and a lively café.
  • Babington House: In partnership with Padel Social Club, Soho House members enjoy free courts and summer events.
  • Imber Court Sports Club: In East Molesey, boasting four courts and more in development.
  • Chelsea Harbour Club: Three courts in an exclusive environment.
  • Middlesbrough Padel Club: Two new indoor courts at Tennis World.
  • Padel United Maldon: They now have four courts in Maldon as part of their expansion plans.
  • Bittescombe Lodge: A single court in Somerset’s lavish surroundings.


Investors for Padel in the UK

Padel is famous not only for its expansion, but also for its economic potential. The exponential rise of courts and clubs in the United Kingdom implies a burgeoning market and a fantastic opportunity for investors.

Profits are not restricted to membership fees or court reservations. Equipment, clothing, coaching, events, and sponsorship are all in high demand. This diversification provides both investors and entrepreneurs with many revenue options.

The endorsement of sports celebrities increases padel’s visibility and status, attracting additional investment. When Beckham or Murray express interest, it inspires confidence in prospective investors.

Overall, it is apparent that padel is not only a rising sport, but also a specialist market with unrivalled potential in the UK. Those investors that see and capitalise on this opportunity now are likely to earn considerable dividends in the coming years.


The United Kingdom is not lagging behind in the midst of Spain’s padel boom, and is eagerly involved in this sporting fervour.

Its fast growth, from humble beginnings at the Chelsea Harbour Club to the numerous clubs currently dispersed across the country, underlines the sport’s unstoppable success.

Padel is quickly becoming one of the most prominent sports on the British landscape, thanks to the rise of clubs and the passion of enthusiastic padel-wielding fans. While Spain is unquestionably the leader, the island, with the support of investors and sports figures, appears to have a very bright future ahead of it.


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